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We Just Launched A New Podcast > Profitable Property Management

  We just launched our new podcast > Profitable Property Management Season One is focused on marketing, where we go DEEP with guests like: Amy Harrison > Copywriting Genius (Watch her PM Grow Talk) Ben White > OG in Australian Property Management Chuck Hattemer > CMO at OneRent Max Nussenbaum > CEO at Castle Pam Kosanke > CMO at Renterswarehouse Ryan Hanley > Author of Content Warfare, CMO at TrustedChoice Spencer Sutton > CMO at GK Houses Alex…

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The Growth Mindset: How one entrepreneur got from door 1 to door 4,000

  Focus... that's the first word that comes to mind when I hear Andy's name. Piercing clarity, and ruthless focus. The results speak for themselves. Andy built his management company to 3,000 doors before handing off the reins so he could focus on founding HomeRiver Group. HomeRiver Group was formed in 2016 by combining several leading single-family-rental property management companies from around the country. HomeRiver’s multistate footprint and…

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Acquisitions & Consolidation In The Property Management Industry

  This week we're talking to the private equity backed roll up shop that's adding 1,000 doors a month. Much of that growth is coming through acquisitions (7 so far in 2017). But a lot of that growth is coming from very aggressive paid and organic marketing as well. I've been in the property management space for almost 9 years now and Renters Warehouse may run the most effective…

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The Simple Numbers You “Need” From the Data You Have - Interview W/ Greg Crabtree

  Greg will show the entrepreneurs how to take the data they have and turn it into data you can manage by. He will show them how to use the Simple Numbers concepts to produce reports on time and in a format that even non-accountants can read and act on. Once you have the data you need, learn the best practices and strategies of how to get profitable, build wealth…

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2017 Q1 Product Update

Today is our first in a new series of quarterly product announcements. Specifically, today we're recapping some new reports, an update to how workflows function and a new calendaring integration with iCal. Check it all out in the video below!   ​​ We'll be back next quarter with another set of feature releases! -The LeadSimple Team…

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