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The Simple Numbers You “Need” From the Data You Have - Interview W/ Greg Crab

  Greg will show the entrepreneurs how to take the data they have and turn it into data you can manage by. He will show them how to use the Simple Numbers concepts to produce reports on time and in a format that even non-accountants can read and act on. Once you have the data you need, learn the best practices and strategies of how to get profitable, build wealth…

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2017 Q1 Product Update

Today is our first in a new series of quarterly product announcements. Specifically, today we're recapping some new reports, an update to how workflows function and a new calendaring integration with iCal. Check it all out in the video below!   ​​ We'll be back next quarter with another set of feature releases! -The LeadSimple Team…

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Why Lead Nurturing Works For Property Managers

  Did you hear the story about the property manager that made a ton of money by ignoring their most valuable sales leads? Me either. Today we're talking about why email marketing, and more specifically lead nurturing is a huge untapped opportunity in your business. Want to go deeper? Up your knowledge game with these related webinars: Why You Need A Lead Nurturing Strategy How to Develop Your Lead Nurturing…

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Punching Above Your Weight Class: Underdog Strategies For Property Managers

  Are you in a market with larger competitors? Do you ever worry about new, well funded, national brands entering your area and taking market share? The truth is that Goliath's get defeated by David's all the time. Don't believe me? Go read political scientist Ivan Arreguín-Toft's book, "How the Weak Win Wars" where he proves this very point. From warfare to sports, underdogs can win when they employ the…

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Content is for Closers: How to Leverage Sales Collateral to Close Deals

  You know why I love Mondays? Because it represents endless possibility. A blank slate and a fresh start to hatch caffeine fueled plans for world takeover. Today I want to talk to you about one way you can SERIOUSLY upgrade your sales game going forward. [Cue dramatic music] Enter... sales collateral. Definition: Sales collateral are the materials developed by a company to assist the sales process. Impact: Pushing warm…

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