The Growth Mindset: How one entrepreneur got from door 1 to door 4,000


Focus... that's the first word that comes to mind when I hear Andy's name.

Piercing clarity, and ruthless focus. The results speak for themselves.

Andy built his management company to 3,000 doors before handing off the reins so he could focus on founding HomeRiver Group.

HomeRiver Group was formed in 2016 by combining several leading single-family-rental property management companies from around the country. HomeRiver’s multistate footprint and unified national platform position it to provide clients with a unique combination of deep local market knowledge and centralized operational, asset management and reporting capabilities.

HRG has already merged an impressive roster of large companies:

  1. Park Place Property Management
  2. Home Encounter
  3. Brick Lane Property Management
  4. Birch Management
  5. Letts Property Management
  6. BMG Rentals

So how is it, that some people struggle to grow, while others like Andy manage to grow at break neck speed while simultaneously juggling family, film making, consulting, an hundreds of hours of NARPM volunteering?

In this interview we covered:

  1. Andy's #1 strategic priority for HRG.
  2. How Andy manages his time for maximal leverage.
  3. Where Andy sees the biggest opportunities in the pm space.
  4. How Parkplace developed an incredibly profitable realtor referral program.
  5. The key mindsets and mental models that Andy leans up to inform his day to day decision making.

"One of the reasons we've been focused on growth is because we've always had a clear purpose on what our growth goal should be, and that's given us a fire in our belly. For example in Boise, we have a 30 min meeting every morning where we say our mission, our core purpose and BHAG's. Everybody knows them by memory: 5,000 doors & 10 million in revenue."

Jordan Muela

Jordan Muela

Jordan is LeadSimple's CEO and resident sales expert. He's been helping property managers generate owner leads since 2008 and lives and breathes lead generation and conversion.