Q3 2017 Product Update


For our final product update for 2017, we’re releasing some exciting new changes to the design and functionality of your Stages and Workflows.

Redesign of Stages

We’ve freshened up the stages page by updating the colors and organization of your stages.

Funnel View
Now, your nurturing stages appear at the top of the page, active stages are in the center and won, lost, invalid stages are toward the bottom, making it appear more like leads are being pulled down through your sales funnel. If you like, you can even turn on the all-new “funnel view” to give your active and won stages the appearance of a funnel.

Renamed Statuses
Another change we made was to rename 3 of the 5 statuses to the following values:

Nurturing > Prospect Stages
Active > Lead Stages
Won > Customer Stages

We think these categories make more sense than the ones we used previously. For example, Nurturing leads are really just Prospective/cold leads, who need to be slowly eased down funnel until they become hot, sales leads.

Stage Stats
We added some basic statistics to the right-hand side of each stage which give you a basic overview of what the stage contains including the number of leads in that stage, the number of workflow steps and the number of days the workflow should take. Also, the circle play icon shows you whether a workflow is active or paused without having to click into the stage.

Drag and Drop
Stages can now be reordered using drag and drop. Just click the drag handle on the left and move the stage to a different place in that status.

Add, Rename and Delete
Stages can be added by clicking the “+” icon next to each status title.

You can rename or delete a stage by clicking the more icon on the right of a given stage and selecting the option you need.

Cloning Stages
Cloning stages has been made a lot easier with these updates. Check out this training article for more details on how it works.

Sharing Workflows
You can now share your LeadSimple stages, workflows and templates with your friends and colleagues if you choose to do so. To start, click the “Share this Workflow” button in the upper right of the page.

This creates an editable copy of your workflow. You can access all your shared workflows by visiting the all-new “Library” page which can be found at the bottom of the sidebar.

When you’re ready, click “Share” and send the link to your friends. They’ll get an email with a link they can use to clone your workflow into their account.

Redesign of Workflows

The workflows page looks a lot different now than it used to but all the same functionality is there with some additional helpful features.

Adding and Deleting Steps
Adding steps is as simple as clicking “Add Step” and selecting the type of step you want to add from the window that pops up.

New steps will be added at the bottom of your workflow but you can reorder them by clicking the step icon and dragging it to a different place in the workflow.

Delays can be added by clicking on the text to the left of any workflow step.

Automatic Steps
You can attach templates to email and SMS tasks by clicking the paperclip icon on the step and selecting one from the template finder that appears. To make the template send automatically, toggle the lightning icon to make it blue. Notice that the step icon also turns blue to indicate that the task will happen automatically.

Like Jordan mentioned in the video, you can now view or edit templates from this page. Simply click on any template and make any edits you want from the editor that pops up.

Automatic Reminders
You can add reminders to workflow steps by clicking the alarm-clock icon and setting a time (in minutes) that you want LeadSimple to send an email reminder for that task. The clock icon will turn blue when a reminder is set.

Sidebar Settings
We organized all the other workflow settings (old and new) into a new sidebar on the right.

You can set a workflow to active or paused by toggling the switch labeled “Active”. Workflow hours can be set by clicking the group of text to the right of that switch.

Like before, you can still choose how workflow steps will be generated on a lead’s record when they enter this stage. We recommend selecting the first option since it prevents the Tasks section of the lead record from getting crowded, but that's up to your personal preference.

Some new functionality we added is the ability to have LeadSimple skip workflow steps based on a couple things.

First, you can now configure LeadSimple to skip over call, email and SMS steps when a lead doesn’t have the necessary contact info (e.g. phone number and email address). That way, the lead keeps moving through a given workflow without getting stuck on an email step simply because they don’t have an email address.The second checkbox gives you the ability to have LeadSimple skip all email or SMS steps that contain templates which a lead has already received. That way, you should avoid an awkward explanation :)

As always, we want to hear your feedback on the updates we make to LeadSimple so shoot us a message if you have any comments, positive or negative. This really helps us as we work to improve the software to fit our customer’s needs more effectively. Happy closing!

~ Matt, for the LeadSimple Team

Matt Berkompas

Matt Berkompas


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