Content is for Closers: How to Leverage Sales Collateral to Close Deals


You know why I love Mondays? Because it represents endless possibility. A blank slate and a fresh start to hatch caffeine fueled plans for world takeover.

Today I want to talk to you about one way you can SERIOUSLY upgrade your sales game going forward.

[Cue dramatic music] Enter... sales collateral.

Definition: Sales collateral are the materials developed by a company to assist the sales process.

Impact: Pushing warm leads over the edge and getting them to sign on the line that is dotted.

“Leveraging content throughout the sales process is a powerful way to educate and persuade, clarify the value proposition, manage objections and expedite the sales cycle.” - Hana Abaza

BONUS: After you’ve watched the video, check out the link below for several hundred examples of high quality sales collateral specifically designed for property management companies.

View Examples of Sales Collateral for Property Managers From A Freelance Design Site
Jordan Muela

Jordan Muela

Jordan is LeadSimple's CEO and resident sales expert. He's been helping property managers generate owner leads since 2008 and lives and breathes lead generation and conversion.