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VIDEO: How to Develop Your Lead Nurturing Strategy

NOTE: This is part Two of a Three part Series. Part 1. Part 3.   SLIDES FROM PRESENTATION In part 1 we covered the WHY, now we cover the HOW of building a lead nurturing program. You may agree you need a better follow up program and be excited about implementing a lead nurturing strategy. But the question is: What do you say? When do you say it? How can…

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VIDEO: Why You Need A Lead Nurturing Strategy

  NOTE: This is part One of a Three part Series. Part 2. Part 3. ‚ÄúCompanies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales at 33% lower cost." - Forrester Research When it comes to lead nurturing, the hype is real and we're going to go deep in this A-Z strategy guide. Both presenters are bringing years of experience to bear in this webinar on how to fully…

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VIDEO: Advanced Property Management Marketing - The Make It Ring Way

  Tired of shallow marketing advice? Get ready to go deep with two of the most knowledgeable guys in the game. This webinar covers everything from how to find and vet new lead gen channels to crafting the kinds of offers that convert prospects into warm leads. You will learn: Why Mike and Dylan radically prefer certain lead generation channels over others. Find out which lead sources are most effective.…

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Developing Your Lead Distribution Strategy

  "Automated distribution methods improve the percentage of leads called in less than five minutes by 91%." - Velocify The type of lead distribution method you choose will significantly impact response times and overall conversion. There are a number of ways to distribute leads, and some are simply more effective at generating results than others. Watch this breakdown of key best practices. You'll Learn Why what works for…

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Designing A Killer Sales Process: Creating A Blue Print For Sales Success

  Your sales process will define your sales results. Period. It will either be an engine of growth or an anchor of doom that will drag down even the best marketing campaign. Every company has a sales process that runs day in and day out, it's merely a question of whether or not it's a good one. Join us for this tear down on what an effective sales process looks…

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