VIDEO: Advanced Property Management Marketing - The Make It Ring Way


Tired of shallow marketing advice? Get ready to go deep with two of the most knowledgeable guys in the game.

This webinar covers everything from how to find and vet new lead gen channels to crafting the kinds of offers that convert prospects into warm leads.

You will learn:

  1. Why Mike and Dylan radically prefer certain lead generation channels over others. Find out which lead sources are most effective.
  2. How the dynamics of your local market will influence the marketing strategy you should pursue.
  3. How to construct sales offers that actually attract and convert prospects into buyers.
    Insourcing vs outsourcing your marketing and lead generation efforts. Pros and cons of each.

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Jordan Muela

Jordan Muela

Jordan is LeadSimple's CEO and resident sales expert. He's been helping property managers generate owner leads since 2008 and lives and breathes lead generation and conversion.