We Just Launched A New Podcast > Profitable Property Management


We just launched our new podcast > Profitable Property Management

Season One is focused on marketing, where we go DEEP with guests like:

  1. Amy Harrison > Copywriting Genius (Watch her PM Grow Talk)
  2. Ben White > OG in Australian Property Management
  3. Chuck Hattemer > CMO at OneRent
  4. Max Nussenbaum > CEO at Castle
  5. Pam Kosanke > CMO at Renterswarehouse
  6. Ryan Hanley > Author of Content Warfare, CMO at TrustedChoice
  7. Spencer Sutton > CMO at GK Houses
  8. Alex Osenenko > Hustler, Creator, Strategist & Master Marketer

The first 5 episodes are already LIVE and ready for you to binge through :)

  1. The VC Backed PM Company Building a National Brand
  2. Rich Drake on Building a Lead Generating Machine
  3. Meet The Director of Marketing Tasked w/ Growing to 25,000 Doors
  4. Using Data Driven Strategies to Scale Your PM Business
  5. Ryan Hanley on Getting Found Online with Content Marketing

You can expect new episodes on a weekly basis and if there's a guest, topic or follow up question from an episode, just write in and we got you covered.

If you want to do us a HUGE favor you can subscribe on iTunes and leave an honest review after you've heard an episode or two.

OK, now that the announcement is done... I want to rant about WHY I'm a huge fan of podcasts and audio in general.

They have a "live" feel

Even though the recording may have happened weeks ago, you get to feel the energy and spontaneity that comes from a live conversation.

You can't replicate this with the written word, and it creates space for the conversation to wander into uncharted, unplanned territory.

You can listen on demand

Personally, I'm a 2x speed kind of guy. Some people (i.e. my wife) find this annoying but I'm used to it and the efficiency also represents a 50% improvement over reading.

Audio allows me to redeem the bits of time I'd otherwise loose to driving, walking, waiting in line, etc.

The production values are going up and up

The level of polish that can be applied to a podcast is astounding. At the highest level they can border on radio theater as many people saw when the podcast like Serial and Startup became break out hits in 2014.

If you're unfamiliar with what I am talking about, just listen to this episode of This American Life on the 2008 financial crisis.

The variety of topics is staggering

Two years ago, there were zero podcasts dedicated to property management, now there are three.

Media has been democratized, the costs are approaching zero and YOU dear reader are in the drivers seat when it comes to using audio to reach your audience and expand your brand footprint.

That wraps up my ode to audio, see you in the show notes!

Jordan Muela

Jordan Muela


Jordan is LeadSimple's CEO and resident sales expert. He's been helping property managers generate owner leads since 2008 and lives and breathes lead generation and conversion.